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I am completely impressed with this bracelet, I expected a costume quality low end (throwaway) something that would be good for a few uses. It may wear out someday but it seems very well made and it looks great. its perfect for me.I have experienced no issues with the clasp. This item seems to me to be designed more for casual activities. I would consider this as a piece of jewelry that shouldn’t get wet or be worn while participating in sports/outdoors. this looks great and is very comfortable to wear.


Bought this for my sister since she loves necklace. I searched a lot trying to find which one she maybe like. Luckily I found this one and she loves the most of all her bracelets! It’s light weight. And looks fashion with personally style.


It’s quite nice for the price 😀 I love it! I don’t expect the leather to last forever, but it is well made. The beads and center piece are something I can reuse if the leather does fail though. So for the price, it’s worth it.


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